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Collecting Fees For Private Water & Sewer Companies

At Pickett Law, LLC, we work diligently to collect unpaid front foot benefit fees from property owners. Our attorneys represent more than 150 private utility companies throughout Maryland. With our extensive experience in this area, we have developed a reputation for effectively and efficiently collecting fees for private utility companies.

Pursuing Debt From Property Owners

As with our Condominium Association and Homeowners’ Association (HOA) practices, we use assertive strategies to collect delinquent utility debts. Our staff regularly reviews delinquent accounts and takes prompt action by mailing demand letters, filing liens and civil suits, drafting settlement agreements, preparing payoffs and garnishments, and initiating sheriff sales and foreclosures. We work collectively with our clients, management companies, title companies, mortgage companies, and homeowners to ensure our clients recover outstanding debt.

Litigation is not always the first step. We will try to negotiate before filing a civil law suit. But when negotiation fails, we are prepared to represent our clients’ interests in litigation. We use every method available to us in order to collect money owed to our clients.

Strong Representation For Private Utility Companies

Find out how our attorneys can help you recover front foot benefit fees from homeowners who have failed to pay. Email us to learn more or call us at 301-850-1436. We have offices in both Bowie and Prince Frederick for your convenience.