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Settling Commercial Debt

Small businesses need money to survive and thrive. When customers take advantage of services without paying, business owners don’t always have the time or the tools to collect what is owed. Our firm provides assertive and persistent debt collection services, helping businesses get back on track.

When pursuing customers who owe money to small businesses, our lawyers generally favor negotiation over litigation. However, we won’t shy away from filing a civil suit where necessary. And we don’t stop in our pursuit of settlement once we win the case. We pursue post-judgment collection actions where appropriate, which may include bank and wage garnishments, or the use of a private investigator.

We know that you’re serious about the viability of your small business. When you work with our firm, rest assured that we’re serious about pursuing delinquent clients to help you stay on solid ground.

Take Action To Stay Solvent

This is your business: you deserve to be paid for services already rendered. Find out how we might be able to help you by scheduling a free initial consultation at our Bowie office. Call 240-242-5801 or contact us using our online form to start the process.